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Bautista Libertad began in January 2000 out of a need in the downtown core of Managua for a local school so that their children did not have to travel a long distance to receive an education. Hilda Rios is the principal at this school, which is supported and run by the local church.

This school has a passion to make a difference in the lives of the children in its community through quality, Christ-centred education. Their vision is to see their students grow up to become citizens who have a foundation of Christian principles and who contribute to the development of their community. They are forming their students into 'agents of change' who will work for peace and justice in their nation.

It is the school’s goal to be helpful and supportive to their community. In spite of the low incomes that local families have to deal with, this school is providing affordable education because they see that their mission is to serve, not profit. This school needs more space, that is why a long term goal is to buy the neighbouring property to expand their facilities, but in the interim they have been able to make do by building additional second storey classrooms.  While the school provided 40 percent of the funds, HANDS teams were able to contribute towards the balance.

As the number of students continues to grow every year and the school is faced with no more  available classroom space, the school has decided to run some grades in the afternoon.

Bautista Libertad and Gateway Christian School enjoy a partnership through the EduDeo School2School program. The students and teachers from both schools engage each other in different ways throughout the school year. Grade 12 students together with some teachers from Gateway travel to Nicaragua to visit the teachers and students of Bautista Libertad in March. They get to know each other better, practice each other's languages, and do service projects and other activities together. Both schools stress what a learning experience this relationship is for them, as well as being wonderful for spiritual support.

Sep 19, 2014 at 3:37 am

It was so good to get this update and to look through the pictures! We are excited by the partnership between schools and the life changing experiences it presents. I was able to spot both my sons in your pictures (their grade 12 year trips) and am so excited to be sending our daughter spring 2015 for her gr.12 experience! God Bless.

Sep 19, 2014 at 9:48 am

Thank you for your words Brendalyn. We too are excited for these partnerships and are thrilled to see students from around the world coming together to Be, Learn, Return and Respond!

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