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Apocalipsis Christian School is located in Bermejos, a batey in the highlands just outside of the city of Don Juan, in Monte Plata Province.  This is a rural agricultural community situated just off of the main highway.  Many of the residents of Don Juan have gone to work in the capital city of Santo Domingo about a 1 ½ hr drive away, so the majority of families are maintained by single mothers who work outside the home so their children can attend school.  Few of the families are able to pay even a minimal tuition so the school is supported with external funds enabling the children of this community to benefit from Christian Education.
Andres is Dominican-Haitian, born in this country to an immigrant family in a very precarious economic situation.  At Apocalipsis Christian School, Andres has received love, affection and the teaching of the Word.  His family has also received food donations, along with caring encouragement from the school staff.  Andres’ family, along with many others, have received new hope.  
God is at work through different people in a variety of ways.  Luciano, the principal of Apocalipsis Christian School in Bermejos, may not have completed high school himself but has proven to be an inspirational leader for this school, through strategic planning, communication and connections.  God has provided amazing connections through the Ministry of Education for this school which is central to a number of communities that deal with extreme poverty.
Apocalipsis Christian School has stood out to the community as a school that is effective and transformative. This schools stands out as result of integration of Christian faith into the curriculum, full trust and reliance on God for His provision, teachers who care for their students, and a lot of prayer.  As result of the powerful work that God is doing through this school, the government has approved salary assistance for three teachers as well as funding for a major school improvement.  Apocalipsis Christian School began in 1986 with 38 students, but in September 2014 Apocalipsis Christian School was able to open its new and improved facility to 245 students with the support of 13 Christian teachers guiding them to learn the curriculum through a Biblical world view.
Luciano places a lot of priority on student and parent involvement in both the school and the community.  He inspires the students to be very active through Student Council.  Students who want to represent their classroom have to make presentations and be voted in by the students as well as a group of judges, made up of teachers and parents.  Everyone is very involved in the process.  Potential “platforms” include improvements inside and outside the school.  This, as well as other aspects of the school, are well respected and appreciated by the community.
All praise for the success of this school and its integral place in the community goes to God.  He is doing wonderful things through this school and it is a blessing to walk alongside of what God is doing in the Bermejos community.

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