A School that is part of ACECEN

Antorcha Divina is a relatively young school reaching out to the needs in a difficult community by taking in some of the most troubled kids of the neighbourhood. The commitment levels of the parents and teachers are very high and they want to see the school excel.

Antorcha's Mission

To integrate education with the Christian faith so that students grow up to serve God and society as disciples of Jesus Christ.

This school has been participating in Biblical worldview training provided by ACECEN since 2008.  Their teachers have been receiving training on how to teach from a Christian perspective, as well as improving their methodology. They have also begun working on a 'Continuing Improvement Plan' to be carried out by ACECEN. This will help schools to realize their strengths and weaknesses and develop an elaborate plan to strengthen areas of weakness.

A supportive church & Dedicated teachers

Members of the neighbouring church are an incredible support to this school, paying for the power and water supply, providing scholarships for students whose families are unable to pay the full tuition amount, volunteering at the school and organizing events for the students' parents, as well as other fundraising events.

The teachers are extremely dedicated as well, seeing their work as a ministry of service to the community.  They receive less than half of what the average teacher's salary is in Nicaragua, sacrificing the opportunity to take a higher-paying job at another school in order to make a difference in this community. 

Incredible growth

Since the school opened with only 20 students, enrollment continues to increase with the goal now being 150 students attending! The school continues to work hard to attract more students in various ways like painting the school and providing classrooms with fans to ensure a better and fresher environment.

Some of the ways teachers continue to see the impact of Christ-centred education has on their students are:

  • Improvment in student behaviour;
  • Students growing in the knowledge of God;
  • Students beginning to attend the local church with their parents.

Escuela Cristiana Antorcha Divina has competed in a Bible contest with other Christian schools has won third place!  They also have received third place in a multi-school race.  These opportunities to get together with other Nicaraguan Christian schools are encouraging for the students and teachers and are evidence that students learning beyond the classroom!

As enrollment continued to grow, concern increased about the school's limited facilities. Some of its classrooms didn’t have walls, while other walls were made only of thin plywood. Because of the increasing urgency to improve the learning environment for these students, a major construction project began at this school in the fall of 2010.  The goal was to build a new 2-storey classroom structure by the start of their new school year in January 2011.  As can be seen in the photos below, this challenging goal was met through the efforts and support of local church members, Nicaraguan workers, HANDS team members and their supporters.  The beautiful new building allows Escuela Cristiana Antorcha Divina to continue serving the surrounding community with quality, Christian education - touching children and their families with the love of God!

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