A School that is part of ACECEN

Alfa and Omega School started in 2002 as an initiative by the pastor and the church leaders who saw the spiritual and social need in education. Their purpose was to offer the community a better alternative by providing children with quality holistic education. They began with the construction of a very small building to be used as classroom for pre-school and primary students. This initiative was and still is supported by the local church, parents and teachers who deeply love the school and the students.  The teachers are committed to serve and are working hard to guarantee a good education even though their salaries are very low.

The staff at Alfa and Omega School have witnessed God at work since 2002.  They share the following proofs of His abundance, as well as their mission and vision within God's Kingdom work:

  1. Support of social development in our community through quality education, combined with Christian principles.

  2. Alumni of the school now work in professional occupations.

  3. We are a school with high acceptance and prestige in the community.

  4. Every year we serve about 140 students in Preschool and primary school.

  5. In 2015 we were able to open Grade 7 and 8.

We hope to expand our facilities and offer preschool, full primary and high school in morning and afternoon shifts. Our main vision is to equip the new Nicaraguan generations in future leadership positions to impact and transform our society.


We are a Christian school serving God and the community, committed to quality holistic education, promoting values and collaboration with parents for their children's education. Equip students to impact the society through the development of spiritual discernment, moral courage and academic excellence. 


Be a solid and self-sustainable school with a Biblical worldview and teaching staff that is highly committed to the school's mission and vision. Be a known school in the educational and Christian field.

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