Many cultures combine to make the nation of Ghana. This is obvious in the variety of foods, fabrics, music and dance. Situated on the west coast of Africa, Ghana has long been known as a country rich in gold. This is celebrated on the flag by the colour yellow. The first significant economy in Ghana, developed by the Ashanti Kingdom, was based on this commodity – trading gold into other African countries. When the Europeans began to arrive in the 15th century, this mineral began to be in high demand and caused friction between colonial powers. Ghana finally broke free of colonial rule in 1957.

Ghana’s current economic status is fairly stable and being led by a democratic government. There has been a significant reduction in poverty in Ghana since the 1980s. Despite this reduction, there are still many who live in poverty (around 24% of the population), with rural poverty being more prevalent.


An incredible 37% of the GDP is put towards education, though much of this is used towards the physical requirements for education. Basic education (to age 15) is compulsory, and is free. The people of Ghana are majority Christian, and the rest Muslim and traditional faiths. International Needs Ghana sees the incredible potential that training in Christ-centred education can have on the school system and transformation of communities and individual hearts.

Ghana Statistics

  • Language:

    English and ethnic languages
  • Area:

    238,535 km²
  • Capital:

  • Population:

    28 million
    24% of population at or below poverty line ($2/day)
    8.4% in extreme poverty
  • Currency:

  • Life Expectancy:

    61.3 years
  • Agriculture:

    yams, grains, coocoa, oil palms, kola nuts
  • Natural Resources:

    gold, timber, tuna, metals, diamonds
  • Terrain:

    low sandy coastline;
    tropical rainforest belt
  • Climate:

    ranges from dry savannah to wet forest
  • Economy:

    An economy that is growing quickly - the country is resource-rich, with a solid bas of manufacturing and exportation.
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