Discover & Learn

Travel with us to the land of lakes and volcanoes. Let the rich culture inspire you and the diverse landscapes amaze you.  Explore the largest country in Central America of almost 6 million people, and soak in the beauty of this tropical nation. Interact with students and teachers and be inspired by their stories of personal and community transformation because of Christ-centred education!

Summer Opportunity for Teachers

EduDeo Ministries, in partnership with the associations affiliated with Christian Schools Canada, has developed an exciting opportunity for Christian teachers in Canada to experience the global Christian school movement!

Through school visits, classroom observations, and interactions with teachers, students and community leaders, Canadian teachers will be challenged in their awareness and appreciation of the larger world in which we live. They will be impacted in their understanding and appreciation of the transformational power of Christ-centred education. 

Professional educators from both Canada and Nicaragua will be able to interact with one another, learning from each other, and gaining a deeper appreciation for the craft of teaching.

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Read how a previous Discover & Learn Team was impacted by this great opportunity. Enjoy reading a story titled, "The Centrality of Christ" or check out their blog

How to apply

Fill out the application form here or contact EduDeo's Canadian Partnership Coordinator, Phil Beck at | 905.387.9927.

The deadline for applications is May 18, 2018. Those selected to participate will be informed after May 25, 2018.

Travel Dates

August 5 - August 17, 2018 (approximate)


The total cost is approximately $2,250 per person plus airfare. This may be offset by various grants that are available.


  • Participants are encouraged to approach their respective school/teacher associations to inquire about grant opportunities.
  • EduDeo Ministries will be subsidizing some of the costs for this program.