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As Christmas approaches, we tend to look back at the year and count our blessings. Through good times and difficult times, we can honestly say that God was good. And as we celebrate the birth of our Lord, many of us give gifts – clothes, a good book, that certain electronic device… but we’d all agree that the ultimate gift of all time is the Gospel. It truly is a gift that we can marvel at again and again.

In 2012, EduDeo Ministries shared the gospel wrapped in an education with thousands of students all over the developing world. And as we counted our blessings as an organization, we kept coming back to the same place. There was one thing, one driving force, one constant that amazed us and inspired us all year long.


The year 2012 was alive with activity at EduDeo. Volunteers went on HANDS trips, runners ran the Road2Hope, schools sponsored schools, teachers mentored teachers, donors gave and, more recently, people began creating and running their own campaigns to raise awareness and funds. Through it all, participants were encouraged and supported by a wide range of family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. At times we simply felt privileged to be part of it. It was exciting to watch so many people band together, get involved and help us give the ultimate gift over and over again.

So this year, we’re adding some thanksgiving to our Christmas. From all that activity, we’re going to highlight and share 6 of the most unique, interesting and inspiring examples of your generosity. These few examples – out of hundreds –celebrate a groundbreaking year at EduDeo and for that we say, “Thanks for giving! We couldn't have done it without you!

These stories also represent the many ways in which each of us can make get involved. And as we remember your gifts, we want to ask for your generosity one more time before the year is out. We've set a goal to raise $25K by December 25th for teacher training in South Sudan & Zambia.

Just as people (you) made a huge difference in the lives of others, we want to invest back into people. Investing in teachers has huge potential for impact because they influence so many, and at such a critical time in children’s lives! We invite you to join the movement in Africa with us, where teacher training is desperately sought; where there is "a repeated plea from educational leaders, 'When can you help us train our teachers?'"

Let’s continue building on your amazing work this year. If we all give a little, it can mean a whole lot. If 2012 showed us anything, it was that the support of many, in all different shapes and sizes can bring about big change. So help us reach that goal today! Give a little, or give a lot and spread the Word (pun intended)!

Dec 4, 2012 at 11:52 am

What a great way to end the year! I hope you reach your goal.

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