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What is The One Dress Project?

The One Dress Project is me, Brittany McDonnell, wearing one dress, for one month, as a way to raise awareness and funds for Christian education in developing countries.

Stepping away from the consumer lifestyle we are fed here in North America will not be an easy feat, but I feel it’s time to take a stand for something that really matters. Prior to the conception of this idea, I found myself adding all sorts of things to my life, overfilling my closet, my heart, and my mind. We, as North Americans, often add layers of “stuff” to ourselves to ward off painful realities, and overcome vulnerabilities. The problem though is that as we add “stuff” to our lives, and ourselves, and we often forget who we are apart from these things. Over the course of the month I aim to challenge the way identity is constructed through clothing and material goods, and instead remind people that our true identity is found only in Christ.

The funds that I raise will be donated to EduDeo Ministries to help build and maintain Christian schools in countries such as, Belize, Ghana, The Dominican, Zambia and Nicaragua and

I myself have had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua with EduDeo, or as it was known at the time Worldwide Christian Schools, and have seen first hand the work that they do building schools, mentoring teachers, and sharing biblical truths. As a result I am very excited to be able to continue to support this ministry in any way that I can.

Why am I doing this?

Well that’s a big question, but one that I’m thrilled to answer. There are lots of reasons, but first let me tell you how this all came to be.

I was sitting in my room late one Sunday night, staring blankly at my open-faced shelves piled high with clothes, when I began to ask myself, why on earth I owned so many clothes? My thoughts immediately blamed it on society, but I knew that that wasn’t entirely to blame. After all, I have free will and I could choose to simply consume less. So, what seemed to be the problem? Why did I really own so many clothes?

As I started to consider parting with some the answer became apparent. It was the same answer that came to me at the end of every season as I began to pack up the clothes. These clothes, these lifeless pieces of fabric, were a part of me, like a security blanket. I mean even the clothes I rarely wore seemed to hold some sort of sentimental value or security, security that if I ever needed them they would be there. As I began to deeply ponder what all this really meant though, I began to think about those that really have nothing, and how selfish it was of me to hold onto something that I didn’t even use “just in case”. It was shortly there after that I decided I would do something with my clothes, and not just the seasonal clean out the closet and give to charity, although that is well and good. I decided I wanted to do more. I wanted to make a statement, both to myself and to God that I could live with less and that He was really all I needed. As a result I determined I would wear only one article of clothing for one month. That one article of clothing, a dress, would become my uniform for the month.

It was the thought of this dress being like a uniform that brought me back to my missions’ trip in Nicaragua, and more recently, my trip to Haiti, where I remembered many kids who were not able to afford a uniform, and even more who were unable to go to school at all. And thus The One Dress Project was born.

I'm freezing for a reason!

Dad & Mom
Nov 12, 2013 at 7:57 am

May God bless you for your obedience, your statement to others and the sacrifice you are making to help those financially less fortunate than most of us in North America. Serving in a developing country has given us renewed awareness of how even a small sacrifice on our part can make a big difference in others lives!

Dad & Mom
Nov 12, 2013 at 7:59 am

P.S. Love the picture of Yodi and his family. I'll let him know he's part of a bigger story!!

Dec 4, 2013 at 8:27 am

Awesome idea. May God bless you and others with this project. How did you do collect the funds for Christian education during this month of the one dress campaign.

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