Pledge Your Birthday - Start A Campaign

You don’t have to travel to make an impact! As great as a mission trip is, we aren’t all able to give a week of our time in a foreign country. And even if you have been on a short-term trip, it is just exactly that: short-term. The work doesn’t stop once you’ve returned home, so we’re often asked, "How else can I help?"

You can make a difference right where you are.

We need passionate people to spread the word and tell people about the critical importance of Christ-centred education. And we need to raise money to carry out this much-needed ministry. You can pledge your birthday or another important event right now, from your computer and help us do both. Or think about it for a bit, get creative and come up with a great new campaign idea that’s fun for you and supports a good cause at the same time!

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Some ideas to get you started

  • Give your birthday

    Give your birthday

    Share the best wishes of your family and friends by turning their gifts into pencils, desks, teachers and training.

  • Shave your head

    Shave your head

    Have you always wondered what your scalp really looks like? Well now you have a good excuse to find out. Set your goal high – it’s worth a lot of $$ to be that daring!

  • Run a marathon

    Run a marathon

    You love to run. You don't even need a reason. But how about exercise, fresh air, a challenge, fun and raising money for a good cause?

  • In lieu of gifts

    In lieu of gifts

    Aside from birthdays you could pledge your wedding, anniversary, or any other event where people give gifts.

  • Same dress

    Same dress

    Inspired by an actual EduDeo supporter who wore a dress for a month to raise awareness about poverty and experience it in a small way. Could you do it?