June 13, 2013

What's Your Role: Guillermo

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Guillermo plays a key role in the ministry of EduDeo in partnership with COCREF in the Dominican Republic. For our current "What's Your Role" blog series, we asked him to write a bit about what his role is... 

My name is Guillermo Yan Alfonso.  My role at COCREF, through EduDeo, is to serve God as the facilitators coordinator. We train the principals and teachers of 16 Christian schools in how to implement a Biblical worldview in order to provide our students with a comprehensive Christian education.

We advise directors in teaching management, such as for the development of the strategic plan or school improvement plan.

We collect, update and adapt teaching materials to keep our teachers up to date on the different topics and teaching techniques.

We provide support in the organization of the structures of participation of the school, to encourage the management and participation of parents and students in the organization and development of the school.

In recent months we are rolling out to other Christian schools, which have expressed interest in receiving our training.

~ Guillermo Yan Alfonso

One of our staff who visited the Dominican Republic and experienced the training firsthand commented:

Guillermo, the leader of the training facilitators, is a kind, gentle man with a quiet authority. Well-prepared with an outline and resource notes for participants, he heads the sessions skillfully, guiding the teachers into discussion and ensuring that everyone has a chance to contribute.  The sessions wrestle with tough philosophical questions, but also address how to put good principles into practice.  The training is interactive, (hands-on), and presented in a way participants can understand and relate to. 

The facilitators start the session with a rousing song that has accompanying actions, an example of what the teachers can do with their own students.  After opening with prayer and a devotional on a scripture focusing on the session’s theme, they look at the agenda for the session which lists the ‘performance indicators’ or objectives for the session and then the items that will be discussed/covered. The format consistently follows the model of Learn, then Practice, then Apply, a model the program/facilitators encourage the teachers to use in planning their own lessons. They also use the sessions to model and have the teachers practice different effective teaching/learning/pedagogical techniques that they can use in their classrooms. Each session generally covers two themes – one more ‘philosophical,’ one of the many topics under biblical worldview (e.g., “Destroying Arguments”), and the other more practical (e.g., “The Grocery Store,” an example of a multi-disciplinary, interactive unit which helps students to learn about numbers, nutrition, reading product names, among other things).

Guillermo is certainly playing a key role in the ministry of EduDeo and our partner COCREF. We thank God for him and his willingness to serve! Learn more about his story here.

What's YOUR role?


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