June 26, 2013

What's Your Role: Lennin Zamora

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Lennin Zamora plays a key role in the ministry of EduDeo at the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua. His position is supported by EduDeo and he has been a tremendous blessing over the past several years in facilitating our partnership with ACECEN and specifically helping to arrange Walking Together trainings, selecting HANDS projects and connecting schools through our School2School program! 

Our International Partnership Director, Tim, speaks highly of Lennin, saying, "He fills an important role for EduDeo in Nicaragua. In many ways Lennin is the eyes and ears of EduDeo - keeping us up-to-date with what’s going on. Lennin is methodical and consistent in his work. His strengths include thinking, planning, creativity, analysing, being proactive, coming up with his own ideas - and he’s not scared to present them...he is a team player."

His official role is "to provide high-quality promotion, coordination, implementation, communication and representation of the mission and programs of EduDeo Ministries in Nicaragua as a member of the Nehemiah Center," with the goal of enhancing an effective partnership with the Nehemiah Center in regards to transforming lives through Christian education.

While a large part of Lennin’s role is developing, organizing, translating and sending reports, Lennin is also very much involved in the implementation and evaluation of what EduDeo supports in Nicaragua. Lennin's quiet but thoughtful perspective and willingness to give constructive feedback has helped bring important changes. He is part of a great team of people serving in Nicaragua, which includes Lesther and Peter & Trudy; each bringing a unique contribution to a dynamic ministry in Nicaragua.

When asked about his role, Lennin replied:

  • My role is to encourage local people to develop awareness on the importance of Christian education and to facilitate interchange between Canadian Christian schools and Nicaraguan Christian schools.  
  • I bridge communication between Canadian leaders in education with local educators.
  • I manage and take care of the funds received from foreign [Canadian] brothers to support ACECEN/Nehemiah Center projects in education, working alongside local directors, teachers and students in scheduling HANDS Team visits.  
  • I facilitate reports and stories of transformation related with the work of EduDeo through ACECEN and the Nehemiah Center in various communities.
  • I also represent EduDeo's interests as part of the Nehemiah Center's planning group.

We give thanks to God for the unique gifts and talents God has given Lennin and for his desire to serve in this essentail role for EduDeo Ministries!

What's YOUR role?


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