July 2, 2013

What's Your Role: Hank de Jong

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For this year's "What's Your Role" theme, we asked all our staff to write about their role in God's Kingdom - and particularily how it relates to the role they are currently serving in here at EduDeo Ministries. Today we are featuring Hank - our Executive Director! 

My role is to serve. To better understand the complexities of my role, however, we need to back up a few thousand years to grasp the context. God created this universe perfect. Everything was very good, including relationships between God and man, and men and women.  Even the relationship humanity had with creation was very good. Adam was given the command to look after and tend the good earth. Sin entered and destroyed so much of the good. Even though there is punishment for sin, God continued to be faithful to His people. He paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sin when he sent his Son to take the hit and redeem all things. Following His ascension to heaven, he left His Holy Spirit to inspire, comfort and guide His church, including me, His Child. We live in the “already, but not yet.” He is coming again to make all things new. Until then, the church is given a mandate to be Christ’s ambassadors in the ministry of reconciliation. The final chapter has not yet occurred. 

So what is my role in this current chapter? What role can I play in assisting the church in their missional responsibilities? This is the context for understanding my role at EduDeo Ministries. As a redeemed sinner, I take seriously our organization’s role in assisting the church in seeing God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. I believe Christ-centred education can play an important role in restoring relationships.  

Specifically my role is to:

  • Lead the staff in carrying out our vision and mission with deep conviction
  • Share the vision and mission with Canadians, inviting them into this exciting ministry
  • Develop new partnerships, both locally and internationally

It’s really not about me. It’s about Christ and His bride…but I am certainly honoured to play a small role in service to our Risen King! I endeavor to do this with humility, recognizing my need for forgiveness, and boldly, recognizing my adoption as a child of God.  

What's YOUR role?


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