May 9, 2013

What's Your Role: Programs Assistant

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For this year's "What's Your Role" theme, we asked all our staff to write about their role in God's Kingdom - and particularily how it relates to the role they are currently serving in here at EduDeo Ministries. Today we are featuring Alice - our Programs Assistant!  She and her husband also ran a marathon in support of EduDeo at last year's Road2Hope (read more here).

I'm a wife and a mom. For me that means I hold a lot of things in my two hands, juggling tasks, requests, schedules, disruptions and emergencies, among other things. And that means loving and supporting my children and my husband.

I'm an active member of New City Church. For me that means I spend a lot of time making visitors feel welcome and accepted, coming up with new ideas for serving and assisting in implementing the plans, praying with my small group, searching together for ways to impact our community. And that means loving and supporting my fellow church members.

I'm Programs Assistant at EduDeo Ministries. For me that means juggling a lot of tasks, requests, schedules, deadlines, being a welcome voice on the phone and at the front desk, spending time at team meetings discussing new ideas and assisting in implementing plans, praying with the team at EduDeo, searching together for ways to impact community. And that means loving and supporting our partners worldwide. Hmm, that all sounded awfully familiar….

My role at EduDeo makes use of many of the skills that God has been working on in me. And it provides a wonderful means to the greatest ministry God has set before me - loving others and supporting them with whatever means God gives. God has filled our world with many different people, all with their variety of characters, their own talents and trials, their own stories, and he has given me the opportunity, through EduDeo, to learn from some of them, share with some of them, and support some of them. All the while centred on his grace - grace given to me to equip me to be a good wife and mom, church member, and EduDeo Programs Assistant - and grace given to others to equip them to play their role.

What's YOUR role?


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