April 22, 2013

What's Your Role: Volunteers Make a Difference!

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Any HANDS Team that has recently travelled to Nicaragua will immediately recognize at least 2 of the faces above.  Peter & Trudy Kuipers, pictured here with their grandchildren, are currently volunteering as our HANDS Team hosts at the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua - and they are making a tremendous difference!

Their official role is "to provide high-quality support to EduDeo Ministries' HANDS program in Nicaragua, in partnership with the Nehemiah Center" - which really takes many different shapes and forms throughout the year. The main purpose of their time spent in Nicaragua is to build the skills and abilities of Nicaraguans - empowering them through mentorship and support.

At home...

Peter & Trudy support and advocate for EduDeo in their home community. They've given presentation and even turned their grandchildren into mini-billboards :).  In all seriousness, they are a great voice for EduDeo in Western Canada!

At the Nehemiah Center...

They work closely with Lennin Zamora and Lesther Gonzales, who both work for EduDeo Ministries through the Nehemiah Center. They encourage them and mentor them as they work together to help advance Christ-centred education in this nation!

At the construction site...

Peter & Trudy work collaboratively with Lennin and Lesther to implement school improvement projects. By visiting various schools and learning about their vision, challenges and specific needs, they recommend which schools should be next on the list to receive funding and/or a HANDS Team for a construction project.  They also develop a strategy for implementing each project and monitor the work as it is completed.

With HANDS teams...

They are in contact with HANDS Team leaders before they even land on Nicaraguan soil and assist with team orientation and implemention once they arrive. Peter & Trudy are key to helping teams bridge the Nicaraguan/Canadian cultural divide and oversee the itinerary for the team's time spent in Nicaragua. They also help teams understand the broader work of EduDeo beyond just HANDS Teams and highlight the Sponsorship program as an important way to continue making an impact in Nicaragua long after they've returned home.

What an incredible impact 2 people with hearts for the work of God's kingdom can have! They have touched the lives of Nicaraguans and Canadians alike. Here are a few comments of appreciation from recent HANDS participants:

Peter and Trudy, Lester and Lennin were amazing! – Steve

Peter and Trudy were well prepared, supportive and encouraging. – Agnes

We love Peter and Trudy, such awesome hosts. – Peter

Peter and Trudy Kuipers are the best – you are very blessed to have them. Rick

Peter and Trudy were amazing and Lesther was as well. –Travis

God has blessed Peter & Trudy with a deep passion for the work of EduDeo and for that we are blessed and grateful! Here is a message from this dynamic volunteer couple:

It’s a privilege to work in Nicaragua, serving the Lord and His people there.  We love working with Lennin, Lesther, Pablo and also with the teams. We appreciate how they have been prepared for their experience with the EduDeo team materials. We especially thank all of you in Hamilton for your support and help for us in our work and life in Nicaragua, for your encouragement of the work that we do there and for your trust in our abilities to walk alongside our brothers and sisters there.  Thank you for ALL your work and we pray for God’s blessing on all of you.

~ Peter and Trudy

Thank you Peter & Trudy - may you be blessed for the role you are living out in God's Kingdom mission!


Rose S
Apr 22, 2013 at 4:56 pm

Beautiful blog post! Peter and Trudy made a huge impact on our trip to Nicaragua. We were blessed to have met them and you are blessed to have them! 2 of the most wonderful people I have met! :)

Gord VG
Apr 25, 2013 at 8:25 pm

Pete, learn to smile. You have beautiful grandchildren. I really enjoyed working with you guys again this year. You two truly are a blessing to the mission and God bless you.

Nathan & Kim
May 29, 2013 at 10:04 am

Blessings in your continued work for EduDeo in Nicaragua. Its amazing what the Lord has done through the years in your lives. I recall the first time we met and some of the chats we enjoyed over the years. Its been a few years now and we look forward to serving alongside of both of you in Nicaragua soon!

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