October 28, 2011

Why HANDS? — A November Blog Series

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Every year, approximately 300 Canadian Christians serve on a HANDS team through EduDeo Ministries and help another nation develop schools. Through these short-term mission trips, teams have an exciting opportunity to see first-hand the difference that Christ-centred education makes in developing countries. By assisting with school construction projects, HANDS team members can both learn from and serve with indigenous workers, students and teachers in another culture. The HANDS program plays an important role in responsible international development, and well-prepared teams can greatly benefit those they serve, as well as be deeply impacted in their own lives of faith.

EduDeo is well aware, however, that there is much debate surrounding the concept of sending short-term work teams on cross-cultural mission trips. It is important to acknowledge that poorly prepared teams may not be impacted long-term, and may do more long-term harm than good to the people they are trying to help.

Over the next month, the EduDeo blog will be feature weekly posts that discuss the challenges, benefits, and blessings of HANDS short term mission trips through EduDeo. We encourage you to join in the discussion by leaving your comments!

It is our hope and prayer this series will help many to understand why, when done correctly, HANDS trips are a wonderful way for schools to be established, communities to be strengthened and encouraged, and for young lives to grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Here are links to the subsequent WHY HANDS? posts:



Nov 5, 2011 at 5:09 pm

Having served on two HANDS teams, my thoughts begin to rush as I think of Why Hands? I saw faces of hope, faces of love for these strangers who come and give time and love. I feel so blessed because now I understand a little bit better how these dear people struggle to survive and give hope to their children. I see how they sacrifice for their children to go to school, contributing a few pennies each day and preparing and serving a hot lunch. They have purpose because they have hope for ltheir children for a better future than they as parents could ever dream of. The parents see they are not alone in their hope for their children. They see strangers from far away giving, caring and loving. All in all, it's a winning goal for all involved, and most importantly, they see the love of a Heavenly Father who is real and is the same Father to each of us no matter who we are, or where we come from.

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