January 30, 2013

Magertu's Story

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Our team of Canadian volunteer educators is currently on location for Walking Together. This trip mainly focused on South Sudan, but also included a stopover in Ethiopia first to connect with and get feedback from participants who have taken part in the program over the last several years.

While in Ethiopia, they had the opportunity to personally interview teachers who had been part of the Walking Together program.  They testified to the profound impact this training had - in Magertu's words - not only on their students, but in their own work and life!

Another participant, Kabtamu, reflects:

I definitely believe that this Worldview course has been a blessing to me and to my students through me.  I consider myself lucky to have been selected for this training.  It has taught me that I am not here to just fulfil my own desires and needs, but to share with others the gifts God has given me.  I used to think that as long as I know the content of what I have to teach, that is sufficient.  This training enabled me to reflect upon the fact that I am called by God to serve God’s people.  I wish my colleagues and other teachers had attended this training, so they could also be transformed in their lives. 

Watch Magertu's presentation of the impact on her work as a teacher:

Praise the LORD for what he is doing through this program!  Click here to learn more about the Walking Together Program and the various projects on the go!


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