December 21, 2012

Group of men moved by serving for a week!

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In April this year, Promise Keepers, a valued partner organization with EduDeo sent a team of enthusiastic men to Belize to finish the second storey of Unity Christian School.

This exciting short-term mission project encouraged Canadian men from across the country to both serve and grow in their faith. Here’s a look at a few of them:

“We sold our business a couple of years ago and now have a chance to give back.”
– Tim Friesen, East St. Paul, MB

“Looking forward to meeting the new guys on the team in April and reuniting with the 'rebar brothers.'”
– Ken Guliker, Hague, SK

“I like the fit of working on a Christian school as we are strong supporters and my children attend one here in Saskatoon.”
– Anthony Nienhuis, Saskatoon, SK

“I will be travelling with strangers but returning with friends both here and in Belize.”
– Doug Reid, Winchester, ON

“I have been blessed to have gone on many mission trips… The projects are certainly important, but most important to me are the relationships we develop with the locals (also with fellow team members).”
– Gunther Laubenstein, Burdett, AB

“That is my prayer for the men on this trip. That their lives would be changed by serving and giving of themselves in this way.”
– Abe Thiessen, Landmark, MB

“Through God's grace I am at a time in my life where I can go on a missions trip. I feel called in the area of helping children.”
– Benjamin Vander Kooi, Saskatoon, SK

“Hi dad! You are all doing an awesome job! And we are all very proud of you dad. Be safe and god bless you all!! (Jerry’s daughter Amanda, wishing him well.)”
– Jerry Wittke, Medicine Hat, AB

They had an amazing time and did some amazing work. You can check out their team page here, or read the following snippets from their own mouths to get a real sense of this life-changing trip.

“We put in a long day at the school today accomplishing a lot… The people here are amazing… friendly and happy.  Pastor Betson is teaching us to use two sayings to each other.  The first is "God is Good " to which we reply "All the Time" and the second is "I love You".  These sayings are getting to be very common among the team.” 
“Wow what an exciting service.  The spirit of the Lord filled the church and our hearts.  A very special service with God's people. We're all the same and all equal in the eyes of God.”
“Well I saw an incredibly talented, accredited teacher lead a class and teach science.  Lots of stuff that was very familiar and some new stuff too.  It was excellent!”
“Yesterday we got a great start on tying the new section of rebar, especially considering we were finishing the previous section and had to go buy it, haul it up to the roof, and lay it out.”
“Our lunch was, once again delicious. We had what appeared to be large meatballs, some rice, coleslaw and a sauce. As usual, there was enough food in once container that some of us were able to share and bless the kids who didn't have lunch with a meal.” – Alex
“So, today I am proud to say that we have been privileged with being the team to finish all the rebar for the next story of the school.” – Alex
“We stopped for a bite in Spanish Lookout… We helped a lady with her baby as she was in need of food.  She was given a sack of rice and beans.”

Near the end of the trip, families reached out via the team blog to encourage their dad’s and grandpa’s. It was touching to read. You can see the comments here.

“We then moved the boat to shark alley!  Some of us were hoping the sharks wouldn't show up, however they did and in huge numbers… It was hard for most of us to jump in the water with many sharks circling the boat, you could here multiple cries of "I'm not going first"…
“We leave the Pastors home at 8:00 tomorrow to travel to the Unity School for some special activity with the school kids arranged by the principle, Carolyn Betson, the pastors wife.  Gonna be a tear jerker.  Then to the airport to start the long trip home.”

You’ve said it all.

Thank you Team PK-Belize! You were a blessing to us at EduDeo, to the people you served in Belize and to the families for which you are an example back home.

Follow their lead and help us reach our goal to raise $25K by December 25th for teacher training in South Sudan & Zambia. Give a little, or give a lot and spread the Word!




We can all do something, we’ve all been called to a task. Watch the video “What’s Your Role” to be inspired about how each of us fit in God’s plan.


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