December 14, 2012

Whole family privileged to help in a HUGE work!

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“Running a marathon is a YIKES for us, but we think it's worth it as we consider what a small thing it is compared with God's HUGE work going on around the world.”

Kudos to this family. Running a marathon IS a big yikes, and we were inspired by their drive to train for one. Not only did the parents train for their first – and possibly only – marathon, their 4 kids also ran or walked in the 5km and 1km races!

They cleverly set their fundraising goal at $4,200 to coincide with the 42km they would run, and the fact that Allan was 40 years and 2 months at the time of the race. And they exceeded their goal by 20%!!!

Way to go Buist-Plug family!!!!

We were even more inspired by their love for God and for children around the world. This statement from their race profile sums it up:

“It's such a privilege to be "on the job" with God, and knowing that we're running for and with him will get us to that finish line.”

That’s so very true and we thank you for those words. Not everyone ran the Road2Hope but each of us are running a race marked out by God (Heb. 12:1). God is indeed doing a HUGE work, and we are thankful to be a part of it with you.

And thank you for your contribution to EduDeo Ministries through this effort! Each of us can help in our own way.

This Christmas, let’s all band together and give something. We’re aiming to raise $25K by December 25th for teacher training in South Sudan & Zambia. Would you consider a donation this Christmas?


Give a little, or give a lot
and spread the Word!


We can all do something, we’ve all been called to a task. Watch the video “What’s Your Role” to be inspired about how each of us fit in God’s plan.


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