December 9, 2012

Advent Devotional Series: Small Enough

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Over the month of December, we will be posting an advent devotional written by Rev. David Tigchelaar each week, up to and including Christmas.  It is our prayer that these meditations will be a blessing to you as you contemplate what our Lord has done for us this Christmas season.

"...but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness." (Phil 2:7)

If the Bible wants us to know that Christ was big enough to fulfill heaven’s mission of love for the world, it also wants us to know in the same breath that Christ was small enough.

Christ, in his journey of love and humiliation, became a child - an infant carried in the arms of his mother, dependent 24/7 on the human care and love of his mother and father. We don’t know too much about Joseph, but we do have some information about Mary. She was a pondering mother, an attentive mother, but still fully human with all the fears of a new mother, I am sure.

However, the Bible’s attention is not so much on Mary or Joseph, as on the baby Jesus. Heaven’s songs were sung for this child: so small, so dependent, so filled with the hopes of all the years that were found in Jesus.

This is the truth: Jesus, who was fully God, was small enough to be a child. The Bible adds other pictures of Jesus that underscore His ‘smallness. He ‘made himself nothing. He took ‘the very nature of a servant.' He was made ‘in human likeness.’ These are all pictures that suggest how small Jesus was willing to become...for us!

It’s helpful to contemplate this smallness for a moment. We love big stories and big victories, but some of the greatest stories are very small.  For example, a young boy in the Dominican Republic who is able to receive a Christ-centered education and discovers the great value of school, learning and the amazing opportunities that are opened when he becomes a servant of this Christ.

Transformation comes through this attitude, which is ours in Jesus.

For centuries all over the world, this message has brought Hope.  Today it is our torch to pass. It’s a very simple thing to do really - it just takes being willing to be small enough to think about others first, following the example of Jesus himself.


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