December 7, 2012

Imagine wearing 1 dress for a month?

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“The One Dress Project is me, Brittany McDonnell, wearing one dress, for one month, as a way to raise awareness and funds for Christian education in developing countries.”

What can we say, really. Brittany is truly the inspiration for our campaign fundraising tool. A little over a year ago, she approached us with an idea. It was Exciting. Crazy. Bold, yet humble. We wanted to help her right then and there, but simply didn’t have the time or funds to build her the tool to run her campaign online.

She did it anyway and it was quite successful.

(We blogged about last year’s campaign to help create some buzz and and then followed it up in December. Make sure to like the project on Facebook as well!)

A year later (2012), she did it again, and we were thrilled! This time we were ready. She is one of the first to try out our new campaign tool, setting an amazing example of how each of us can get involved.

A few snippets from her campaign say it all:

“I wanted to make a statement, both to myself and to God that I could live with less and that He was really all I needed… I determined to fast from shopping and use but one article of clothing for one month.
It was the thought of this dress being like a uniform that brought me back to my missions’ trip in Nicaragua, where I remembered many kids who were not able to afford a uniform, and even more who were unable to go to school at all. It was then I decided I wanted to use this step away from consumerism, to help raise funds for education in developing countries.” 

Read about her campaign here.

Thanks Brittany! For encouraging us to think deeply about our blessings. For taking action. And for raising much needed funds and awareness for Christ-centred education! In one month you changed lives forever!

Help us build on Brittany’s work and reach our goal to raise $25K by December 25th for teacher training in South Sudan & Zambia. Every bit counts.




We can all do something, we’ve all been called to a task. Watch the video “What’s Your Role” to be inspired about how each of us fit in God’s plan.


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