October 3, 2012

Helping Canadian Christian Schools impact their counter-parts worldwide!

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One of the key focus areas that emerged from EduDeo Ministries' recent strategic planning session was engaging Christian schools across Canada in our ministry. 

The reality is that many schools in Canada are striving to be involved globally. With Christian schools in the developing world at the heart of our organization, we are in a key position to facilitate relationships between schools here in Canada and around the world.

One might say that the beginning of engaging with Canadian Christian schools emerged out of our Walking Together program, which facilitates teacher training workshops around the world between Canadian Christian educators and our international partners.  It is through these educators that we first began to glimpse the potential that lay in connecting Christian schools here in Canada with their brothers and sisters worldwide!

Elco VanderGrift, one of our key 'Walking Together' volunteers and a well-respected and experienced educator, put it best when he emphasized:

We have prayed so much for God's blessing on Christian education here in Canada -- and have been extraordinarily blessed over the years.  Now we have the opportunity, or even more so, the responsibility to share this blessing!

Another key volunteer educator, Bill de Jager, was deeply impacted by his recent 'Walking Together' trip to Belize this summer:

It was a life-changing experience!  It brought me back to the basic core concepts of what Christian education is meant to be.

There are many ways in which EduDeo is encouraging and responding to the involvement of Canadian Christian schools internationally.  Most significantly, we are pleased to announce that EduDeo Ministries has hired Philip Beck to serve as our new Canadian Partnership Coordinator!

You can read more about Phil on our staff page. Please feel free to contact him to welcome him to his new role and to explore how he can engage the school(s) you may be connected to!

Currently, Phil is focusing on meeting with teachers, administrators, principals and others who may be involved with Christian schools in Canada.  Last week, along with Executive Director, Hank de Jong, Phil gave a workshop at the Christian Schools Canada Leadership Conference in Cambridge, Ontario on Healthy International Development for Schools (view the presentation here) and will be also presenting this exciting material at the upcoming Edifide 2012 Educators Convention at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario.

Some of the ways EduDeo Ministries can help schools make a global impact include:

  • Road2Hope: School Edition – A fundraising event that encourages physical activity and teaches global awareness through learning activities.
  • School2School – A unique and interactive relationship with a school in a developing country!
  • Sponsorship – A fundraising program that supports a specific locally-run association of Christian schools in a developing country. 
  • HANDS – Short-term mission trips designed for long-term impact. 
  • Walking Together – A program designed to encourage reciprocal interactions and learning between teachers worldwide.
  • School Presentations – EduDeo staff members are available to present at your school. 
  • Campaigns - A fun way to get creative about fundraising for the ministry of EduDeo!


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