March 15, 2019

Story of Transformation: Martiza

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Martiza had one question for her parents: could she go with her brother to school? She asked time and time again but was told no – because Martiza has Mohebius Syndrome. With her physical limitations, no schools would open their doors to her.

Martiza’s brother when to Ramon Reinoso School in the Dominican Republic, and her parents approached them to see if Martiza could join their school community. They said, “By all means.”

Martiza is now in Grade 5 and thrives in the classroom. She is bright, skilled, and sociable – and the other children accept and support her in tasks. 

Betzaida, principal at Ramon Reinoso School says,

“Our school is proud to be an inclusive school. We exist to give access to those who are the most vulnerable, so they also can experience God’s grace and have the opportunity to develop their full potential.”

JOIN IN PRAYER: Today, join us in praying for students like Martiza – that they would always have the opportunity to enjoy quality education rooted in God’s love. Also give thanks for schools like Ramon Reinoso School that pride themselves on being open to all students, no matter their challenges.


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