February 1, 2019

Stories of Transformation: Natasha

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Sometimes, it takes one school to change the course of a student’s life. For Natasha, that school was Filadelfia Christian School in the Dominican Republic.

Natasha joined the school in the sixth grade, and her understanding of the Christian faith, as well as her love for Christ, matured at Filadelfia. One of her favourite weekly activities at the school was chapel, but all her classroom lessons were taught from a Biblical perspective, which helped her better understand her world, and her role in it.

Without a high-school at Filadelfia Christian School, Natasha left the school community to receive a high school education. However, she was later hired by the school to serve as a pre-school teacher’s assistant, and when it came time to go to college, the school supported her with a scholarship to attend university, where she became a certified pre-school teacher.

When Natasha reflects on her story, she says,

“I have no words to thank everyone who supported me to make my dreams come true. Please continue praying for me and support our school. It really makes a great difference. There is nothing impossible for our God!”

JOIN NATASHA IN PRAYER: Join us in giving thanks for partnership in 2018 – for the partnership EduDeo experiences with organizations, but also in giving thanks for your partnership in these stories of transformation. Give thanks to God that stories like Natasha are happening for students, teachers, and schools around the world in 2019.


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