November 30, 2017

A Christmas Party with a Cause

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'Twas the months after Christmas...


Yes, Santa and his flying reindeer are a ridiculous piece of cultural fiction. Jolly St. Nick and his band of toy-making elves are not real (I apologize if I'm breaking any hearts here).

I will also say that Santa and crew are a fantastic cast of characters for a murder mystery.

I can say this with confidence having played 'Trouble on the Santa Cruise' as a fundraiser for EduDeo with our small group from church.

We brought in a babysitter to watch the kids, dished out the raclette set (if you don't know what raclettes are, think 'personal stirfry' served with meats, cheeses and potatoes), and we enjoyed a night of hilarity for a great cause.

Murder Mystery? What is that?

A murder mystery dinner is a party for 8-10 people. Each guest is assigned a role as a suspect in a fictional crime. The guests come dressed up as their character - and over the course of the meal, discloses facts about the murder (where were they that night - what reason mght they have to commit the crime, etc).

Each character are given facts to disclose - so there's no need to stress out about improvising answers on the spot.

The story is also rife with jokes and jaw-dropping moments.

You can play the game on your smartphone (via wi-fi) - or you can print off a script. The whole event is organized and hosted through Parteza - a free application that makes assigning roles and sending invitations effortless.

Coming together for a Great Cause.

All in, I would call our party a success. We grew closer together as a small group, laughing at grumpy head-elf, a hyperactive Blitzen, and a Santa with a horrible compulsion to eat anything.

We also raised funds for EduDeo, sharing the real story of Christmas -- the birth of Jesus Christ -- by providing children with a quality, Christ-centred education.

If you're looking for a fun Christmas or New Year's party idea - host a murder mystery on behalf of EduDeo.

It's easy to do, and creates an unforgetable evening.

Have questions or concerns about hosting a murder mystery? Let us know! We'd love to help make your night a success.


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