November 27, 2017

Gifts of Creativity: The Cuddle Catcher

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Make Gifts That Put Relationships First

'Gifts of Love' is EduDeo's way of shifting the focus of Christmas gift giving to where it's needed most: Gifts that build relationships.

When you give a Gift of Love, you help a child in the developing world grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ (through a quality, Christ-centred education).

You're also investing in your relationships - with your children, spouse, friends.

Gifts that put relationships first is the motivation behind our latest gift of Creativity: 

The Cuddle Catcher. 

A Game of Quality Time

I don't know about you, but my kids LOVE to play games. They also like to be chased, tickled, and thrown up into the air.

That's why I designed our example 'Cuddle Catcher' with the rewards you see above. You don't need to use rewards like 'tickle, 'kiss' or 'shoulder ride'. Chose rewards that would fit your recipient...

You could create a cuddle catcher with items like 'Board Games', 'Lego Time', or 'Fun at the Park'. 

Use your cuddle catcher on a Saturday afternoon, when you're looking to spend some quality time with your loved one. 

I find our game of kiss, hug, tickle or shoulder ride is a fun way to give our kids an extra dose of affection before they head off to school, or before I head off to work.

Love the idea? 

Make your own Catcher - and give it as a Gift of Love this Christmas. Bless a child in the developing world - and bless someone in your life as well.



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