October 17, 2016

God’s Blessing in Belize

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In August, Christian Cobos, Principal of Concepcion Presbyterian School in Belize came to Canada to attend the Educators Leadership Development Institute offered by Christian Schools International. We sat down and heard how God is using your support of EduDeo to do amazing things at her school.

EduDeo: Hello Christian! First off, why don’t you introduce yourself.

CC: My name is Ms. Christian Cobos. I am from the beautiful country of Belize. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to serve God as the newly appointed principal at Concepcion Presbyterian School.
Last year was my first year being a principal. It was full of many challenges. I love my job. I’m learning so many things that I didn’t know. I am growing as a spiritual leader. I am serving the Lord.

EduDeo: Tell us about Concepcion. What is your school like?

CC: My school is a rural community school. It is the only Christian school in that area. My school has 168 children, most from non-Christian backgrounds.
Sometimes it is hard to deal with them and the behaviour issues they might have. Many of them have problems at home. Thank God that through the Christ-centred education that we give at our school, God is working in the lives of the students. We can see that little by little God is working in them and changing their attitude.

EduDeo: Do you have any stories of transformation you could share?

CC: I have so many stories to share! There’s one that really touched me personally. Children in Belize are very passionate about [soccer]. I am as well. Whenever our school’s team is playing I’m there supporting and cheering them on.
I can recall one game in particular, the children were there to play the last game. They were on the field. All of a sudden I saw them go down on their knees and start to pray. At that moment my hands just went up and I said, “God, to you be the Glory.” Because you are the one working in them.

"Seeing children go on their knees and put God first ... without anybody telling them ‘let’s pray’, it was awesome for me to see that."

Seeing children go on their knees and put God first really touched me. Most of the kids from the team are non-Christians. Seeing them do it by themselves, without anybody telling them ‘let’s pray’, it was so awesome for me to see that.

EduDeo: How else has God been at work in your school?

CC: The school building has really improved in the past years. Some floors were not tiled so they were a bit dusty, and the hallways too. Some [children] had health issues with the dust.
This past school year we had three [HANDS] teams come to Belize. Now all the floors in the school are tiled. Students don’t have to worry about the dust anymore. Thank God He provided and now the classrooms are clean. The students are excited about cleaning the floors. They even donated some mops for the classroom.

EduDeo: Anything else you would like to share?

CC: I am so grateful for the people who are constantly donating and sponsoring our Presbyterian Christian schools in Belize. Thank you. Words can never repay all that you have done for us. My prayer is that God will continue blessing you and blessing the works of your hands. And thank you so much for your prayers. We are blessed to have this partnership with EduDeo!


Aug 9, 2017 at 8:56 am

Dear Pastor,

Greetings and blessings, I am Pastor Shahbaz from Pakistan . Me and my wife doing Lord work in Punjab Pakistan. We do Lord work through Sunday Schools, Home Churches , street prayers and door to door visits. We are serving for Lord since 2003 we don't have any church building .Its very tough for us to manage the things you know Pakistan is Islamic country here we face 2 types of persecution behave 1 for Muslims side the second one is from Catholic side.

We need land in Christian area where we freely do our Church activities.

Our mission is very simple; to spread the love of Jesus Christ in the Greater World for community and its surrounding areas, by promoting a life changing Gospel of redemption and salvation through holistic ministry. It is our desire to touch the hearts of the broken, and to empower the community at large by becoming a place for change, growth, purpose, comfort, and refuge.

As a church of purpose, it is our desire to empower people both spiritually and naturally through a multiplicity of ministries and community initiatives, while focusing strategically in three (3) areas: God, Family, and Community’

We need10 Merlay Land and build 1 hall and 1 toilet and 1 Water baptism tub .

Today I have visited your website and its precious for me when I see that your Ministry is doing great Gospel work for the Glory of God .

I am interested to translate your Bible teaching, studies, articles and sermons in very low rates English into Urdu and Punjabi . Urdu speakers around the world is 120 million and Punjabi speakers around the world is 104 million. We do translation and recording Sermons, Bible studies , articles ,teachings, books and messages in very low rates .

We request start Ministry work and open your branch in Pakistan.

We hope you will help us in Pakistan for Church work, Evangelism, food help for orphan widow and poor and preaching and for Christian Tv Channel.

May God Bless you.

Pastor Shahbaz

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