December 21, 2015

A Story of Transformation: 2015

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2015 is almost over! One thing we love to do at the end of a year is look back and see all the incredible things God has done in the last 365 days.

No where do we see transformation as clearly as in the lives of the students attending our Partner schools. I thought we'd end the year with one such story of transformation from the Dominican Republic. Enjoy!

No Angel

Nelfy was 16. And even though his address marked him as coming from the ‘Neighbourhood Los Angeles (of Angels) – Nelfy was far from an ‘angel’.

"My parents decided to send me to Emmanuel Christian Reformed School,” Nelfy said. “They thought it would be good for me because, at the time, I was behaving very badly.”

In his own words…

“I didn’t want to participate in anything. I was irrespectful to all the teachers. I didn’t get along with my classmates either. Many times my parents were called to school.  Whatever they planned, I found the way to boicot it just for the fun of it.”

Testing Love

Deep in his heart, Nelfy was testing the people around him. Testing to see if their love was real. “I thought to myself:  They can’t fix me; I’m going to see if they are really Christians.”

Despite his behavoir, Nelfy’s teachers didn’t give up. 

“They always showed kindnes toward me,” Nelfy said. “I realized they didn’t deserved me treating them like that.”

Little by Little, Nelfy’s heart began to melt.

A New Heart

“Little by little I realized that they really wanted to help me and that their were not my enemies. I started to love them and to love my school.  I started to change, my grades got way better, chapel time became a biweekly celebration.”

People saw a change in Nefly.

“My parents were amazed and aked what had happened!  I belive God used everybody around me to show me how much he loved me.  I realized I needed to change and opened my heart to it.”

Through his teachers example – modelling Jesus’ never-giving-up love – Nefly has been transformed. And he’s very grateful for it:

“I thank God for my school.  They have helped me learn much about God, his love and Salvation through Jesus Christ.  Despite of being such a difficult kid before, through my teachers I realized that God will never give up on me.  I learned about how important it is to love your neighbor and pray for them, no matter how hard it can be.”


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