November 27, 2014

34 Reasons You Should Give $34/Month

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  1. You’ll be blessed too!

  2. Learn what God is doing around the world through our Sponsorship updates.
  3. Make an impact.
  4. Make that impact last forever.  An eternal impact in the lives of children.
  5. Become part of a global community – called to make a difference.
  6. Become part of a story much larger than your own.

  7. Everyone else is doing it – no but seriously, we’re praising God that the Sponsorship Program has been a great area of growth.
  8. Easy – sign up online in less than 5 minutes.
  9. Really. It’s that easy.
  10. Free Bookmark.
  11. It makes a difference to a whole community. 
  12. Easy way to kick your caffeine habit – Sponsorship is only $34/month – which is roughly the cost of a small coffee a day – and goes a lot further in making a difference!
  13. Don’t want to kick your caffeine habit? That’s OK. Sponsorship is still only the cost of a small coffee a day. What’s one more coffee?
  14. Who’d have thought that a coffee a day could make such a difference in a teacher’s ability to guide her students.
  15. Great project to do as a family: Get the whole family involved as you select a country, receive updates and pray for the students and teachers daily. It’s a great way to expand a child’s world and understanding of making a difference the larger body of Christ!

  16. Who is “your family” anyway? We’re thankful for the family of God. And we have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters in Christ, young and old.
  17. 121 million children are out of school worldwide – sponsorship helps support our partners in making quality, Christ-centred education available to all children in their communities.
  18. 121 million. That one is worth repeating.

  19. Prove to your childhood math teacher that 1+1 doesn’t always = 2.

  20. While you’re thinking of your childhood math teacher, think of the rest of your education as well. You took it for granted, didn’t you?
  21. Only 10% goes towards administration – the rest of your sponsorship goes directly to our partner’s initiatives in the country you choose!
  22. Annual Tax Receipt!  ‘nough said.
  23. Effective: Education is recognized as one of the MOST powerful tools of transformation.

  24. Spread the Gospel: EduDeo’s focus is on CHRIST-CENTRED education – helping teachers discover how to integrate the Gospel into every area of the classroom, thereby teaching children how to bring Christ into every detail of their lives!
  25. No brainer: convenient, automatic payments are deducted from your account each month, no remembering required.
  26. Efficient: signing up for regular, automatic donations cuts down on administrative costs, helping more of your donation go directly to the projects in the country you choose.
  27. You get to choose your country of impact! Have you traveled to the Dominican Republic on holidays and wondered how you could help? Here’s your way.
  28. Helps us plan ahead! Having reliable, monthly donations allows us to anticipate the funds that will be available for upcoming initiatives and projects in each country.
  29. Skip the babysitter: The cost of Sponsorship is roughly the same as one night of babysitting a month. Skip the babysitter once a month and enjoy a night in with your little ones, knowing your efforts are making a difference somewhere else in the world!
  30. Bragging rights: you will have the opportunity to share the stories of what God is doing through you!
  31. Join Jesus in His call to “Let the children come to me” by supporting Christian schools in bringing the Gospel through education!

  32. You’ve invested in your children’s education – now how about helping someone else’s?
  33. For those of you who’ve been on a HANDS team trip.  You’ve been there, done that, you know from experience. ‘nough said?
  34. Yes, it’s a financial commitment. Let’s leave that part up to God. $34/month Sponsorship is so much #morethananumber.


benjiman kondepaga
Jan 15, 2015 at 1:11 am

My witness and prayer request

My witness:

My name is Kondepaga Benjiman belonged to Jaggapuram village. I lived

in the sins in my youth and unaware of God. Beloved god servant

Bethapudi Devadanam who had been to my village in the year 1982, Nov

10th to preach the Gospel. That made me to attend the prayer meeting.

He spoke that the wages of the sin was death and told about salvation

and added that Jesus Christ was died on the cross for me .and also

explained about external life. As he referred Romans 8:1,”No

condemnation to those who are in JESUS CHRIST. Then I confessed my

sins by this word of God .Then I was baptized and strengthened by his

leading according to Ephe 6:7 .Then, there was a clear call from JESUS

to do the ministry. I thank God for saving me. I have been doing His

ministry by having great burden towards many souls. Everyday I train

and send many people for His service.

My request:

As we have the great burden towards the earning souls to do the

ministry earnestly, for our team members (35-40). Pray and extend your

Co-operation towards lending missionary tools like ……. Bibles,

Pamphlets, Sound system and one Gospel Bus.

I request you humbly to come to my place and preach among us and see

the harvest in our area .I pray for you and your ministry.

Thanking you with prayers,

Benjiman ministries,

Edlapadu mandal,

Guntur dist-522233.


India. cell no: 919618620546.

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