November 21, 2014

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

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By now you've probably seen our new video about how the stats from around the world simply don't add up. And how at EduDeo we are working with a different formula to make a difference that counts:

EduDeoTagline photo EduDeo_Tagline_brown_foremail_zpsf7aa517c.jpg

But we can't accomplish this on our own. The only way we can truly make a difference that counts is with YOUR help.  

That's why, over the next few weeks, we are having a special sponsorship campaign to recruit...

50 New Sponsors by December 5th!


This will help raise over $20,000 annually, making possible MORE teacher training initiatives, MORE school construction projects, MORE scholarships for vulnerable children...the bottom line is, it will result in MORE stories of lives changed!

And here's the secret:

One of those lives changed will be YOURS. When you become part of the equation, you will be amazed at how God uses something as small as $34/month (less than a cup of coffee per day!) to work in your heart and life as you learn about and pray for those who are impacted by your support. 

Let's Work Together!

First step: enroll as a sponsor here. If you are already a Sponsor, consider adding another country to those you support. Then, invite your friends and family to be part of the bigger picture too. Together we can reach our goal and make a difference that counts! 

 photo BecomePartoftheEquation_photo_sm_zpsc81ea762.jpg


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