This is the story of Ruthline and Gardison. Ruthline's teaching changed forever when she attended a training and learned how to serve her students better. Donate now at and give teachers like Ruthline the life-changing gift of mentorship. 

Ruthline’s classroom is dark, but her joy lights up the room.

It’s obvious she loves her students and holds their attention with her animated teaching. Ruthline has been a teacher for two years at Foyer Cretien School in Haiti, but didn’t always have her sights set on teaching. After a friend encouraged her, she participated in a CRECH training (EduDeo’s partner in Haiti). The training taught her how to assess her students psychologically – to see if they were thriving not just in school, but as whole persons.

The training opened up Ruthline’s eyes – she knew then that she deeply loved being a teacher and wanted to care for the most vulnerable children in her classroom.

One of those children is Gardison.

Gardison was known as a troublemaker, with very little respect for his teachers or the other students. He didn’t like doing his school work, and his grades reflected this. When he entered Ruthline’s class, she remembered her training, and evaluated Gardison through a psychological lens. Through talking with him, Ruthline learned “he had a problem with affection: he didn’t know his mother.”

Ruthline knew she could make a difference for Gardison and started paying him extra attention. She treated him like he was her own son.

Because of Ruthline’s small actions, Gardison’s behaviour has completely changed. He is respectful, kind, and gets along well with his classmates. He’s even doing much better in school. Gardison considers Ruthline as his mother, and he as her son.

Had Ruthline not received training, she may have never found her heart for teaching and her heart for children. Now her perspective has changed: education is more than just gaining knowledge – it’s living out wisdom.

“A good education should be based on Christ. With the Gospel, children become wiser: they understand more of life, and they understand more of God.”

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Monday, June 17, 2019

You Did It: The Well Project 0 comments

Last year, we came together to choose a project for our annual school campaign – a project where all the fundraising efforts of Christian schools across Canada would be designated.

The need for clean water at Zambian schools became clear after a country-wide cholera outbreak in January 2018. Schools were forced to close and public gatherings weren’t allowed. CCAP, EduDeo’s partner in Zambia, knew that they had to do something.

We chose a big project and set a big financial goal – $40,000 for the drilling and building of eight wells at our partner schools in Zambia. And so The Well Project was born.

Students across Canada made The Well Project the focus of all their fundraising: they held mission weeks, raced in the Road2Hope: School Edition, held bake sales – and much more. We saw schools get creative to understand why this project was important.

The Grade 8 class at Providence Christian School in Dundas, Ontario focused on The Well Project all year long. After a visit with Florence, Boniface, and Rev. Nehemia –  three Zambian educational leaders – the students asked, “What can we do?” Raising $40,000 by themselves seemed daunting, but what if they could hold an event and inspire other students to do the same?

So they created a video, presented at a teachers’ convention, wrote brochures, sent out pledge forms, and asked anyone they knew for support. On April 30, they gathered with schools across Ontario and carried buckets of water for six kilometers – the average distance a Zambian walks to get water. In the end, over 30 schools participated in the water walk wherever they were – all across Canada and even in Florida!

We were thrilled to hear how different schools created learning opportunities for their students. One school held a challenge to see who could walk without spilling their water – to help students understand the value of what they were carrying. Another school had their Grade 7 & 8 students create interactive and educational water experiences for the rest of the school. One school’s work even inspired a comic in their local newspaper! 

What a privilege to see how God is moving in classrooms across Canada. With great thanks to God, we are excited to announce the totals of this year’s fundraising efforts. 

Students, teachers, and schools across Canada – together, you helped us raise $106,264 for students, teachers, and schools in Zambia. WOW! Thank you for your role in being the hands and feet of Jesus. For being brave and asking questions. For stepping up to make a tangible difference in the lives of so many people in Zambia.

Curious about what will happen because you smashed our goal out of the water? Msuzi Basic School in Zambia serves students with physical disabilities, and they are in desperate need of more space. Extra funds will be used to help fund new classrooms for these students, so they have room enough to learn.

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Friday, May 10, 2019

From Anger to Honour: Thank You, Teacher 0 comments

Can you think of a teacher who changed your life? Who challenged you to be the best you could be? Who helped you to flourish in the classroom? Who inspired you to grow?

Juan Daniel can name a teacher who has done this for him - Mr. Yan.

Juan Daniel came to Los Guandules Christian School in the Dominican Republic when he was in Grade 9. It became quickly apparent that his behaviour did not fit the school community. He was aggressive with his classmates and disrespectful with his teachers, and found it hard to make friends. After two years without improvement, Juan Daniel was asked to leave the school.

His mother came to the school, begging them to change their mind and promising that his behaviour would improve. Despite that, Juan Daniel showed no remorse.

His teachers began to worry about his hard heart, and before his expulsion, they invited him to the principal’s office to have a conversation. Ricardo Yan, the principal, and Juan Daniel’s teachers listened to him, offering to help with whatever issue was going on. They prayed for him and shared about God’s love.

Juan Daniel was kept in school - and he began to change. He was given more opportunities to open his heart. He began to speak openly about his struggles with anger and regularly met with Mr. Yan to talk and pray together. Juan Daniel experienced great changes, helping him to grow and flourish as a student.

Where is Juan Daniel now? He is an honour student, a friend to his classmates, a great story writer, and he loves painting as a way of expressing himself.

“Juan Daniel is a good example of the power of Christian education. When we embrace our mission of helping children discover and experience the love of Christ while attending school, there is so much potential to bring restoration to all things.”

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Story of Transformation: Martiza 0 comments

Martiza had one question for her parents: could she go with her brother to school? She asked time and time again but was told no – because Martiza has Mohebius Syndrome. With her physical limitations, no schools would open their doors to her.

Martiza’s brother when to Ramon Reinoso School in the Dominican Republic, and her parents approached them to see if Martiza could join their school community. They said, “By all means.”

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