The Wellspring Foundation and the Association of Christian Schools in Rwanda are hosting a visioning and learning conference for strengthening biblical worldview in Christian schools. EduDeo Learning Leaders Elco and Joanne Vandergrift, Mitiku Abebe, Robert Koole will engage school leaders in dialogue to develop a shared understanding of Christ centered education within the Association of Christian Schools in Rwanda. Goals for the conference include:

* Support leaders to their work for developing “Christ-centred education” that transforms students’ lives.

* Assist in developing an implementation plan to achieve the vision of the Association of Christian Education in Rwanda

* Develop a framework for functional competence among school leaders and teachers to integrate Biblical worldview with the Rwandan educational program

* Incorporate the Teaching for Transformation model, God’s Story – Throughlines – Formational Learning Experiences (FLex), to embed Christ-centred education with everyday teaching and learning

* School teams to develop an implementation plan for their particular school contexts

Day 1 

The four day Conference began with creating group norms 

and then moved into 'Understanding The Biblical Story' CFRR. 

Parking Lot Comment - "Traditional Christian Education is seen entriely around spriritual development, what we learn here is so much more - it is integrating the biblical story into our life and learning."

What are our deepest hopes for our schools , for our classes , for our lessons? 

A particpants deepest hope for Rwanda in 2023

"My hope is that there is a true commnitment to Christian Education. I hope that our values, culture, pedagogical influence reflects the heart of God and impacts education wide scale." 

 Where do you fit in the Biblical Story? How do we teach for transformation? 

Exit pass comments: " I like the manner of training. The training was effective because it was learner centered"

Day 2 

What is Act 4?  Core Practices 

What is Act 4? Biblical Throughlines? What is that? How do I integrate that into my class? 

What is Act 4? Flex???

The conference participants enjoyed studying, presenting the biblical through- lines. 

Parking Lot Comment - "When I was looking through these through-lines and trying to analyse them I didn't find myself in one of them. Is it possible for me not to be in one of them? or maybe I didn't understand them?"

Exit pass comment - "I have liked the group work we have been given today. Especially the work about teaching for transformation - through-lines" " I am wondering the way I am going to put these or to appreciate this format in my class with my students - how amazing wil it be."

Day 3 

Article Summaries - Does your school in any way reflect the ideas and practices in these quotes?" 

FLEX - Formational Learning Experiences -Pracitce 

 Grade 5 Water Unit Rwandan Curriclum. 

Deepest Hope - Stewardship of water

Competing/opposing story - People in our community do not use water well

Practice Practice Practice

Parking Lot Comment - "How are you going to follow up on the implemenation of this TFT learning plan here in Rwanda?"

Exit Pass Comment - "I liked learning and practicing Formational Learning experiences, it was eye opening." 

Day 4

Now what is your action plan for your school for your classroom? 

On Day 4 school groups met together to create an 'action plan'. They also created a poster that summarizes their learning over the 4 last days. 

Particpants worked on more units - 

Has our deepest hopes for Rwandan education changed over the last 4 days?

Deepest hope from one particpant says' my deepest hope is that all schools will have tools (textbooks) that relate to biblical curriculum through the Rwanda Curriculum." 

Exit Pass/assessment comment - 'I look forward to playing with the nations curriculum and practice as we integrate biblical worldview over the next year." 

  Thanks to Jeff and Wellspring Foundation for making this all happen!!!!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Restorative Practices and TAKING RESPONSIBILITY 0 comments

One of the most prevalent issues that need to be discussed and sorted out in society is the idea of how one takes responsibility.  In education, we wish to have classrooms where students are engaged and participating as well as taking ownership of their own learning.  In communities, we want people to contribute, care and be responsible.  The challenge is how to create the right conditions for each person or stakeholder to understand what their responsibilities are and how to achieve the goals and hopes and dreams that they believe are important.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Restorative Practices Framework and GOSSIP 0 comments

When the Walking Together program of EduDeo introduces Restorative Practices as way to develop healthy cultures in the classroom, the staffroom and the school or organization….we do so because we wish to help repair broken relationships due to a host of unhealthy behaviours. Scriptures call us to a life of love and to a new life as God’s chosen people.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

The Beauty of a Shy Culture 0 comments

As Anne and I began to work with the Presbyterian Christian Schools of Belize (PCSB), we were told repeatedly by our hosts and our participants that the Belizean culture is one where people are rather quiet and shy.  We might even say that they are a culture of introverts who watch, listen and reflect.  This is a very different experience for we North Americans who seem to have gotten used to an extroverted, loud, boisterious culture.

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