Ruth, a teacher with over 25 years of experience, came to the Isaiah 29:18 Deaf Christian School in 2004. After teaching Grade 2, Ruth became principal of the school.  

After some time, she noticed that while there was great attention on the students hearing and language difficulties, they weren’t being cared for spiritually. That’s when ACECEN – EduDeo's partner in Nicaragua – stepped in and became a blessing through Biblical worldview training.  

Ruth has observed teachers with a greater commitment to their roles, parents who are more involved in their child’s education and students who are changing their behaviour 

“ACECEN has been the instrument God is using to unite the spiritual to the work we are doing with students,” Ruth says.  

JOIN RUTH IN PRAYER: Today, give thanks for ACECEN, and pray for the teachers, students, and families impacted by the Isaiah 29:18 Deaf Christian School in Nicaragua. 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Welcome Uche! 2 comments

EduDeo is excited to announce the hiring of Uche Nweke, our new International Partnership Director. He will sit on EduDeo’s leadership team, serve as the voice of EduDeo to our international partners and be responsible for establishing all new partnerships.

Previously, the role was filled by Tim Bootsma for nine and a half years. We are incredibly grateful for Tim's faithful leadership and service to EduDeo over the years, and he will be greatly missed. Beginning in March 2019, Tim will be moving on to full-time poultry farming.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Uche grew up in a family of Christian workers serving in the northern region (Muslim majority). For almost eight years, he worked with SIL Nigeria, an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators. He worked in socio-linguistic research, advocacy and building relationships/partnerships with other organizations.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Leading for Transformation: School Visits - Day 2 0 comments

Today we headed north to visit 3 school communities.  First stop was Hoya Secondary and Primary.  We sat in a mathematics 12 class: the students were attentive and engaged in complex learning.  The facilities at Hoya Secondary are very nice with a relatively new classroom block, including offices and a spacious staffroom.  A quick stop to say “hi” to the Hoya Primary leaders, and we were on our way. 

We journeyed to Emusa Secondary and Primary.  The secondary school has the same wonderful main building as Hoya.  A quick walk across the field and we were at the primary school where we were delighted to see the Throughlines displayed in the courtyard on pieces of wood attached to trees.  Next, a couple of songs by the school choir followed by checking out the school’s piggery: 22 pigs as an income generating activity for the school.

Last stop was Chasefu, which is one of the oldest Presbyterian communities in Zambia and is also home to the denomination’s seminary.  We walked through the primary classrooms, the seminary library and the church (where a class was being held).  We also saw the foundation and bricks awaiting the HANDS team that is arriving next week where they will partner with the local community in building a new classroom block.

Then a long and bumpy ride back to Lundazi, where we will spend our last night before heading to South Luangwa Game Park for a couple of days of safari-ing.

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Improve a Child's Education by Educating Leaders 0 comments

Recently, the Canadian Christian Relief & Development Association (CCRDA) emailed out the first 2019 edition of Excellence at Work. Our very own, Hannah Vermeer, contributed to this latest CCRDA newsletter edition regarding our Global Education Summit.

If you want to improve a child’s education, start with their leaders.

EduDeo Ministries is convinced that the best way to improve education for students is to invest in the leaders, principals and teachers. Every year, we facilitate trainings, workshops and conferences with our partners. But how can we move from individual investment to building a global community of educational leaders? Our answer: The Global Education Summit.

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